News & Events

S.No. Title Link
1 Seminar Report on Climate Global Economy and Policy
2 Seminar Report: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity
3 Report of Seminar on Corporate Governance conducted by BMS Department
4 Report on Screening of movie-Newton
5 Circular Economy for Productivity & Sustainability
6 Report on Lecture by Dr. Bonnie Zare
7 Schedule of Practical Examination - Mathematics
8 Enactus day 3.0 report
9 Jaipuria Quiz league (JQL -2018)
10 Python Programming Workshop Report
11 The Gender Sensitisation Committee organized a Talk
12 BMS Seminar Report
13 Tax Seminar Report
14 E-Cell orientation report 2018-2019
16 “Awards won by Enactus Aryabhatta 2017-18”
17 Report on E-Cell
18 Euphony'18, the annual event of Finance and Investment Cell
19 Entrepreneurial Cell Business Conclave - Event pics
20 First TEDx Session at Aryabhatta College a great Success
21 Tedex Aryabhatta College inaugrates Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine
23 Report of the Skill Development Activity- Python Programming Workshop
24 “ Enactus Aryabhatta bags 2nd position at Social B-plan competition at GGSIPU”
25 Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat
26 Paying tribute to Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
27 Report on Enactus
28 Two days National Seminar on Revisiting the Hill-Valley Connection in Northeast India
29 Report on Seminar by ENSO and MSME
30 ENSO- Opening Seminar Cum Orientation Program on Imbibing Entrepreneurial Skills
31 Job Fair at Laxmibai College on 23/09/2017(Ex-Students can also apply)
32 Students Council 2017-18
33 Revised Duty Chart for DUSU Elections on 12.09.2017
34 Students Council Constitution.
35 11th Cut-Off for admission 2017-18
36 10th Cut-Off for admission 2017-18
37 Special merit list for admission on the basis of Sports
38 9th Cut-Off for admission 2017-18
39 Vacant Seats under Sports Quota for admission (Registration on 05.08.17 and 07.08.17)
40 8th Cut-Of (Special Drive)f for admission 2017-18
41 4th Admission List under ECA Quota
42 Admission List under Sports Quota-Special drive
43 Vacant Seats under Sports Quota for admission (Registration on 01.08.17 and 02.08.17)
44 3rd admission list on the basis of sports
45 Corrigendum-Admission on the basis of sports
46 6th Cut-Off for admission 2017-18
47 2nd Merit List for admission on the basis of Sports 2017-18
48 2nd List of selected candidates under ECA quota admission 2017-18
49 List of selected candidates under ward quota admission 2017-18
50 5th Cut-Off for admission 2017-18
51 1st Admission List under Sports Quota
52 1st Admission list of ECA quota Under-graduate 2017-18
53 4th Cut-Off for admission 2017-18
54 3rd Cut Off for admission 2017-18
55 2nd Cut-Off for admission 2017-18
56 1st Cut-Off for admissions 2017-18
57 SC/ST/OBC Help-desk for Admission 2017-18
59 List of Toppers for annual day prize distribution.
61 Report on E-filing of Income tax return and GST
62 Picwic Fest Web Report
63 Report of EMBLAZORS 2017
64 Report on Friday Confab Session 6
65 Notice-Seminar by Gandhi Study Circle on 09.03.2017
66 Report on Friday Confab Session 5
67 Report on Creative Writing Workshop
68 Report on Seminar by Techpioneers- E Commerce - 360 degrees
69 5th Session of Friday Confab on 17.02.2017
70 Report on Friday Confab Session 4
71 Report on Friday Confab Session 3
72 Report on Friday Confab Session 2
73 Report on Qriosity 17 by FIC
74 Friday Confab on 17.02.2017 at 2:30pm
75 Report- Seminar on Indo- China Economic Relations
76 Talk by Prof. K.T.S. Sarao on February 15, 2017 on Kailash Mansarovar
77 Report-Seminar on Demonetisation by NSS
78 Report- Talk on Cloud Computing
79 Tender for Annual Cultural Festival
80 Intra College Championship
81 Report of seminar "STARTUPs: The inside story
82 Report on First Session of FRIDAY CONFAB
83 List of Elected members of Students Council
84 Aryabhatta College bags 1st prize in at Inter college puppetry competetion
85 Union Elections 2016-17
86 8th Cut Off for admission
87 Mass singing of National Anthem on 23.08.2016
88 Interview for the post of Assistant Prof. in English on adhoc basis
89 Interview for the posts of Assistant Prof. in B.A. (H) Business Economics on adhoc basis
90 Legal Literacy Workshop on 02.08.2016
91 Interview for the posts of Assistant Prof. in Computer Science on adhoc basis
92 4th Cut Off for Admission
93 Interview for the posts of Assistant Prof. in Psychology on adhoc basis
94 3rd cut off for admission