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Programme Outcomes

Theprogramme learning outcomes relating to BA (Hons) degree programme in English:

?demonstrate a set of basic skills in literary communication and explication ofliterary

practicesand process with clarity

?demonstrate a coherent and systematic knowledge of the field of Englishliterature

andBhasha literatures in English showing an understanding of current theoreticaland

literarydevelopments in relation to the specific field of English studies.

? displayan ability to read and understand various literary genres and stylistic

variationsand write critically

?cultivate ability to look at and evaluate literary texts as a field of studyand as part of

the widernetwork of local and global culture

?demonstrate a critical aptitude and reflexive thinking to systematically analyzethe

existingscholarship and expand critical questions and the knowledge base in the field

ofEnglish studies using digital resources.

? displayknowledge to cultivate a better understanding of values – both literary values

that aideus in literary judgment and also values of life at all stages; applyappropriate

methodologiesfor the development of the creative and analytical faculties of students,

theiroverall development of writing, including imaginative writing.

UGCDocument on LOCF English 16

?recognize employability options in English studies programme as part of skill

developmentand as career avenues open to graduates in today’s global world such as

professionalwriting, translation, teaching English at different levels, mass media,

journalism,aviation communication and personality development

?channelize the interests of the students and analytical reasoning in a betterway and

make moremeaningful choices regarding career after completion of graduate


? toenable students to develop an awareness of the linguistic-cultural richness ofIndia

as animportant outcome of English literary studies in India