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Anti Ragging

As per the UGC regulations, the college has a duly constituted Anti Ragging Committee to avoid Ragging in the College Campus. Anti-Ragging Committee ensures safety to protect the interests of students and harmonious environment in college. The updated committee member names with telephone numbers and emails are displayed at noticeable places in the College and also on respective website. Codes of conduct are also displayed on the College website and at the entry gate. The Anti-Ragging posters in both format Hindi and English are displayed in various noticeable places of the College so that all students come to know about: how to approach, whom to approach, what the said Committees can do and the confidentially will be maintained of the complainant, if he/she so desires. The Complaint Box is also placed in the College for written complaint. Every year on the orientation day of the College, all the new students are informed about Anti-Ragging Committee. An Undertaking must be taken from all the students and their parents at the time their admissions. Moreover, UGC has launched a web portal for online facility for undertakings. These undertakings can be filled-in from any of the two websites.

S.No. Title Link
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