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Aryabhatta College is erstwhile Ramlal Anand College (evening), hence one of the most important jobs for the college was to create a separate wing of NCC cadets with relevant sanction and permission to run a platoon in Aryabhatta College. Since 2014 to 2022 NCC Aryabhatta College had been working through Ramlal Anand College NCC wing for boys and NCC Motilal College wing for women. The cadets from Aryabhatta College have been active and prominent members in the above mentioned NCC wings. They have been making their presence felt on campus through their participation in Annual Day, Republic Day and Independence Day parade held at College.

The persistent effort and large number of cadet application eventually bore fruits in 2022. 7 Delhi BN NCC two platoons(108 seats) were awarded to Aryabhatta College. With the new allotment Aryabhatta College aspires to become one of the best NCC units in future.

S.No. Title Link
1 NCC Report 2016-21
2 NCC Report 2021-22
3 NCC Report 2023