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Indian Knowledge System: Shiksha Prashikshan Kendram
Aryabhatta College

Indian Astronomy and Mathematics are two inter-related subject fields which have not gained much attention within the modern educational system. Both the fields are very famous with lot of simple and intriguing concepts but very few consider it as an option for working and researching. This indicates a general barrier towards the subjects for young minds to choose it as their career. Some of the major reasons for this barrier are lack of resources, lack of awareness about its scientific nature and misconceptions & myths around the subjects. The focus areas of this project will be:

i. To train teachers in an effective manner with novel pedagogical strategies which will enable the students to develop keen interest in the areas and our rich cultural heritage.

ii. To develop resource material rich in information and practice to aid in the teaching-learning process of Indian knowledge systems pertaining to Indian Mathematics and Astronomy

Our Objectives

➢ To bring together academic fraternity working in the area of Indian Mathematics and Astronomy in order to discuss and deliberate on the innovative strategies for advancement of the subjects.

➢ To develop intriguing and easy A/V course content associated with Indian Mathematics and Astronomy.

➢ To train teachers and scholars for effective dissemination and promotion of the course content via workshops focusing on integration of theory, research and practice.

Indian knowledge systems have a long and rich history. Studying these systems provides insights into the intellectual, cultural, and scientific achievements of ancient India. They include diverse philosophical schools, scientific advancements, and artistic traditions.

Indian knowledge systems exposes students to different ways of thinking and understanding the world which encourages critical thinking and broadens their intellectual horizons. With a focus on interconnectedness of various concepts, studying them can provide students with a holistic and comprehensive understanding of complex subjects. Indian knowledge systems are deeply rooted in Indian culture, religion, and traditions. By studying them, students can develop a greater appreciation for the cultural heritage of India. Indian Astronomy and Mathematics both are inter-related and significant fields within the Indian knowledge systems.