Role of IQAC

·     To establish & effectively implement arobust quality system encompassing teaching, research, consultancy, continuededucation and also focus on the core and support functions to ensureaccountability to stake holders through self-evaluation and continuousimprovement


·       To promote measures for institutionalfunctioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of qualityculture and institutionalization of best practices.


·       To ingrain quality into the academic andadministrative activities of the College by educating, training, counsellingand motivating all the members of the College.


·       To design, develop and implement appropriateQuality Processes & Procedures for the academic and administrativeactivities of the University in consultation with all the concerned members.


·       To identify and train a group of internalquality monitoring members to monitor the effective implementation of thequality system procedures.


·       To ensure that the established Processes andProcedures are reviewed at periodic intervals and initiating necessarycorrective measures towards continuous improvement


·       To maintain suitable documentation to supportthe Quality Processes and Procedures adopted