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About Department

The Business Economics programme is offered by the college since 1996. The Department of Business Economics came into existence in the year 2016. Vision: To prepare our students in tackling larger societal problems by inculcating in them the humanitarian values, critical and analytical skills for effective policy formulation and decision making.
Mission: To equip students in dealing with economic, financial and big data by acquainting them with tools and techniques and transforming their personalities to achieve sustainable growth while achieving business objectives.

Courses Offered and Syllabus
The programme equips students with tools and principles relating to subjects such as Statistics, Finance, Marketing, Economics, Econometrics with relevant software to keep abreast with the changing economic scenario and globalisation of business. In addition, the curriculum design includes discipline specific papers like Environmental Economics which cherishes the need of the hour to protect the ecology and biodiversity to achieve sustainable growth while achieving business objectives.

Courses Offered for Programme B.A (Hons.) Business Economics

List of Core Courses
1. Microeconomics and Applications- I
2. Accounting for Managers
3. Microeconomics and Applications – II
4. Mathematics for Business Economics
5. Macroeconomics and Applications – I
6. Statistics for Business Economics
7. Corporate Finance
8. Macroeconomics and Applications – II
9. Basic Econometrics
10. Marketing Management
11. Quantitative Techniques for Management
12. Organization Behavior
13. International Economics
14. Legal Aspects of Business

List of Skill Enhancement Courses
1. Introduction to Big Data Analysis
2. Personality Development & Interpersonal Skills
3. Research Methods and Statistical Packages
4. Entrepreneurial Skills

List of Discipline Specific Elective Course
Note: A Student is Free to Choose Any FOUR Papers
1. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
2. Derivatives and Currency Markets
3. Indian Financial System
4. Applied Econometrics
5. Topics in Mathematics
6. Economic Growth & Development
7. Indian Economy
8. Industrial Organisation
9. Environmental Economics
10. New Ventures Planning and Implementation
11. Strategic Management
12. Consumer Behaviour and Advertising
13. Marketing Analytics

List of General Elective papers –Interdisciplinary
1. Dynamics of New Ventures
2. Digital Marketing
3. Statistical Techniques
4. Contemporary Issues in Indian Economy
5. Fundamentals of Finance for Business
6. International Business