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Programme Outcomes

(i) The course being a blend of management, quantitative skills and economics disciplines, students graduating from this programme are expected to possess both subject specific and generic skills.

(ii) Recognise the importance of key theories and practices in the broad areas of business and economics.

(iii) Conduct quantitative assessment of business situations keeping in line with professional standards and moral values and recommend appropriate courses of action which satisfies all stakeholders.

(iv) Analyze & synthesize information as well as data across disciplines/functions in order to evaluate business opportunities from local,global and economic perspectives to make sound business decisions.

(v) Demonstrate professional skills so as to work more effectively with others by understanding and recognizing the importance of diversity, leadership and team skills. (vi) Core competencies such as
(i) communication skills required to articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using oral and written skills.
(ii) to present information and explanations using appropriate software
(iii) ethical integrity

(vii) Demonstrate computational skills and data modelling skills required in handling economic and business related problems.