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About Arahata

One of the most desirable courses for students who wish to learn through various disciplines and explore while learning is B.A Programme. This course offers students with flexibility, as it introduces them to diverse subjects of disciplinary and interdisciplinary nature.

Courses offered through B.A Programme are relevant to contemporary issues and social opportunities with academic rigour, expected from higher education. Students get to choose from a number of interesting courses, form combinations as per their interest and plan for Master’s programme in any of chosen discipline subject. It is a course that opens up various avenues and promising range of opportunities ahead for students.

With large number of students and a popular choice at Aryabhatta College, B.A Programme course has a vibrant student society ARAHATA which caters to holistic development of students by way of engaging them in co-curricular activities. Arahata means the worthy one, the one who has extirpated all the defilements and has developed the attitude of helping others for the welfare of society with compassion for all living and non-living beings. With the aim to inculcate same feeling among our students, the society organises regular stimulating activities for their professional, academic and overall development.