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About Department

The Department of Psychology, Aryabhatta College, DU was established in 2016.

The department aspires to be a nationally recognized leader in undergraduate education in the field of psychology. The department seeks to develop future psychologists who will serve the local, national, and global communities.
The department is driven with a purpose to contribute to public understanding of psychology and its applications in education and beyond. To promote human development, learning, health, and well-being through high quality education, research, and services; to nurture students to become intellectually competent through scientific studies of human behavior, emotion, and thought; and to cultivate in student’s professional ethics, a sense of social responsibility, cultural sensitivity, and good citizenship in a globalised world are some of the purpose that the department aims to fulfil.

The department finds pride in promoting intellectual excellence and aims to encourage a balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of psychology.

The department offers BA(Hons) Psychology programme. The department also offers Generic Elective (GE) courses which are open to students of other departments. The department follows the curriculum provided by the Department of Psychology, University of Delhi.

The faculties of the department are specialized in various sub-specialties. They are also a part of various national and international forums. The department conducts various seminars and workshops regularly. The faculties have article publications in various national and international journals of repute. The department has three laboratories, various psychological tests and equipment and adequate books for it functioning.

The students of the department are resourceful and entrepreneurial. They have achieved many laurels in the college and outside. Alumnae of the department are enrolled in various universities and institutes of repute globally.

The department also has a student body, SRIJAN. It conducts various programs in the department.

The department is responsible for celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week every year. The Department also started a COVID helpline during the pandemic and afterwards.

The Dept’s future plans are guided by aspiration to create fertile learning ground where learners can engage themselves with the pertinent human issues and growth.