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About Department

Among the various course offered by the University of Delhi, B.A. (Hons) Economics is among the most prestigious courses. This course provides a thorough foundation in the discipline theoretical as well as applied. The course covers diverse areas of knowledge including international trade, environmental Economics, public finance, Political Economy and monetary systems etc. The course also builds a strong foundation in quantitative skills, both mathematical and statistical.
The syllabus and the study material recommended to the students in this course are comparable to the best in the world.
On completion of the course students are well equipped to pursue higher education in the best universities the world over, or if they so choose, to pursue careers in research, data analytics, corporate management, academia, law, journalism, government, and many other fields.

The Background
Our predecessor, Ramlal Anand College (Evening) was the first evening College in the University of Delhi where the B.A. (Hons) Economics course was introduced in 1988. Before that the department had taught economics to the B.A. Programme and B.Com. Courses students but with the introduction of an Honours Course the department grew with great rigour. Not only did the number of teachers increased from three to seven it also transformed the department qualitatively. From 1994, the department was entrusted with the additional responsibility of organising teaching in B.A. (Hons) Business Economics course till a separate department for the same was created in 2015.
In spite of being an evening college, hence not on the priority of students seeking admission in the university with relatively higher percentage, the students who joined the department excelled in a wide variety of professions. Many of them went on to become bankers, journalists, advocates, corporate managers, some joined the Indian administrative service and some became entrepreneurs. Encourage by their teachers some also chose to pursue teaching and research.

The Present
The department offers B.A. (Hons) Economics and B.A. Programme courses in Economics as per the guidelines of the University of Delhi. Presently it has eight permanent faculty members who creatively engage students in class rooms and outside, through departmental and college level societies. The department uses the latest ICT tools and Statistical Software to impart education in a stimulating way. The teachers use innovative methods of pedagogy in the teaching-learning process. Students are encouraged to engage in research activities both at the intra- departmental and inter-departmental levels.
The Department has an active society of its own which is run by the students themselves with guidance from the teaching fraternity. The Economics Society- “Mind Over Matter” aims to create an environment that is conducive, stimulating and absorbing for engaging with economic issues of the day. The society aims to bridge the gap between textbook theories and their applications to solve real-world problems. It has a vision for enhancing the financial and economic literacy of the youth. It strives towards its vision through various activities- including but not restricted to seminars/webinars with experts and enthusiasts in the field of economics, finance, business and governance and through interviews with eminent personalities in the field of economics. The society also provides a stimulating environment and organizing learning sessions by peer groups especially during its annual festival.

ARTHAVADA and publishing the annual magazine VIEWPOINT.
Through the class room teaching-learning process and activities engaged beyond the class rooms, the department aims to create an inclusive and culturally diversified environment that motivates students to polish their intellectual, creative and leadership skills; and make them not just intellectually capable but will also make then responsible, compassionate citizens.