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About The Northeast Students Cell

Visions, Aims and Ideals of the Northeast Students Cell:

The Northeast Students Cell of Aryabhatta College, University of Delhi, has a students’ society – ‘North East Students Society of Aryabhatta College’, and it has been working through the society.

The ‘North East Students Society of Aryabhatta College’ is a society which represents the diversity in the ethos of the college. With the increase in north east population amongst the student, there is a need to spread awareness about different cultures and community. Thus, familiarizing and sensitizing the community at large. Our mission is to educate the students about diversity, strive for equality, fraternity, welfare, and create an opportunity for academic development and involvement in extracurricular activity. We do this through our commitment to community bridging by giving the students an opportunity to interact with each other, with their seniors or juniors, and also with the faculties here in the college. To attain the said mission, the society organizes movie screening, fresher’s meet, farewell, cultural fest, sports meet, and also take initiative in participating in other college activities.

Through the diverse environment that is created by the students who come from different part of North East India, with different cultural background, co-existing within a new culture, where students live with people who may be studying different topics, who come from different walks of life; we try to inculcate the values of diversity in their identity formation, an identity that may evolve through varied experiences that is provided to them by the college at first, and carried forward by the society. By intentionally structuring the environment that facilitates the interaction through such lens, we try to inculcate a sense of pride in one’s own culture, yet be sensitive about the differences that exist in the society, and appreciate the transformation that may come in one’s identity via education and interaction with different culture.

Students welfare is also one of the utmost necessary motive for this society. It is necessary for the students to feel at home in order to reciprocate to the greater learning environment and thrive in the process. The society acts as a platform to create a sense of belongingness, a sense of ownership of the institution, creates a sense of leadership among the students through the activities initiated by the society (example, fresher’s meet, farewell, sports meet, cultural fest).

We hope that through this the students get to experience a personal transformation that may not only ready them for academic purposes, but also be more fluent with their extracurricular participation, and more importantly, to feel at home in a city where they may initially feel a bit away from.