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About Sankalp (BMS)

Sankalp is the official society of the Department of Management Studies, Aryabhatta College initiated in 2017, with an oath to promote knowledge-sharing amongst the students on financial management, business communications and corporate management. Since its inception, Sankalp has been working arduously in organising wide-ranging workshops, monthly webinars, social projects, newsletters and edifying speaker sessions defining its members. The Department has been releasing annual Newsletter “The Bottom Line” since 2019, as on date, the department has successfully released 3 volumes of the “The Bottom Line”.

The society comprises students of Bachelor of Management Studies of the Aryabhatta College. It helps the students in fostering the much-needed practical approach to the course.

Our vision is to change the perception of management being just a back-end office job. Management is an adventure of getting things done through people efficiently and effectively.

A practice where art, science and craft meet. We at Sankalp encourage students to take on entrepreneurial management activities through various workshops, webinars and events like Delve, Nigmit. Just as our name suggests, we have made a “sankalp” to make a difference in the DU circuit by being gratifying yet didactic.
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Course Coordinator: Prof. J.K. Singh
Coordinator: Ms. Cherry Uppal
Mr Pardeep Singh
Ms Priya Chaudhary
Ms Kavita
Dr. Shipra Agrawal

Office bearers (2021-22):
● Harshita Dhamija – President
● Kartikay Saraf – Vice President
● Kartikay Sharma – Corporate Relations Head
● Sanyam Goswami– Design & Tech Head
● Ritika Mahawer – Marketing Head
● Diya Vatta – Content Head
● Varun Pandey – General Secretary