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About Mind Over Matter (Economics Society)

Ever since its inception, the subject of Economics has received a reputation of “The Dismal Science” and is associated with crunching numbers which seems to be something that can only be analysed by specialists. But that is only half the story. We strive to bring out the true beauty of the subject and make it easy to understand for a layman. We are “Mind Over Matter”- the Economics society of Aryabhatta College, University of Delhi and are the torch bearers of the Economics department.

Established in 2015, we are a group of highly motivated students; who have an affinity towards Economics; aim to create an environment that is conducive, stimulating and absorbing for like-minded students of our college. Our society aims to bridge the gap between textbook theories and their applications to solve real-world problems. Our vision is to enhance the financial and economic literacy of the youth. We strive to achieve this through various activities holding webinars with aficionados in the economic sphere. That’s us, a group which provides an abundance of exposure and an unforgettable learning experience. We hope to provide a stimulating environment to our peers and have been conducting our annual festival and publishing our annual magazine every year since its inception. In the academic year 2021-22 our annual festival Ecodox 3.0, has been organized learning sessions and writing competition, and published our annual magazine VIEWPOINT 4.0, carving the way for the same.

Our objective has always been to foster social and intellectual activity among students and in particular, to develop in them an interest in the study of Economics. With a number of euphoric academic events concerning economics and exciting filler events, we have come a long way from where we started as a department. The annual economic festival of the Mind over Matter is designed to spread economic literacy across the students of various domains. The society also hosts webinars and seminars and also interviews of eminent persons on their life experiences in continuation with the annual fest to give exposure about different domains to the students.

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Convenor: Dr. N.M.Singh
Student Advisor: Dr.Deepika Goel

TEAM - MIND OVER MATTER - Academic Session 2023-24

President- Samiha Jha (II Year) 
Vice President- Aditya Sharma (II Year)
Joint Secretary- Aarushi Negi

Head- Survey & Analytics: Vibhor Shankdhar (II Year)
Deputy Head- Survey & Analytics: Shaurya Singh (I Year)

Head- Content: Garv Chugh (II Year)

Head- Design & Technology: Prachi Goyal (II Year)
Deputy Head- Design & Technology: Dushyant K Chaudhary (I Year)

Heads- Public Relations: Keshav Agrawal and Sourabh (II Year)

Editor-in-Chief, Viewpoint : Netra Sharma (II Year)
Deputy Editor, Viewpoint: Yashika Taparia (I Year)