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Computer Lab

Aryabhatta College boasts three state-of-the-art computer science labs with nearly one
hundred and ten PCs. These labs serve the students of various backgrounds and faculty alike to solve complex problems, create advanced learning methods, and conduct research in science. The lab infrastructure offers a diverse range of hardware that powers open-source software platforms for students to appreciate the open source initiative and gain wide-ranging experience. The laboratories are fully air-conditioned, and furnishings have been thoughtfully designed to create a welcoming environment conducive to gaining technical knowledge.

All three labs are powered by Linux-based workstations equipped with fast network connections using LAN and Wi-Fi Access Points. The workstations offer the latest software packages, including but not restricted to android studios, code blocks, eclipse, Jupyter, libre office suite, MySQL, etc., and also the language compilers, viz. gcc, java, swi-prolog, python3, R, etc. Furthermore, the labs offer in-lab teaching assistance using interactive Projectors for the hands-on learning experience. Lastly, all the labs are provisioned with CCTV cameras for student security.