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About The Start up Club



Welcome to The Startup Club, where we bringexciting opportunities and experiences to students who want to work instartups. SWAVALAMBAN - THE STARTUP CLUB is a youth-initiated organization thatwas formed in October 2019 by the aspiring students of Aryabhatta College underthe guidance of WADHWANI FOUNDATION and SIDBI. The club was established to actas an intermediary in resource assistance, mentorship assistance and practicalbusiness assistance between young startups and opportunity seeking students


Our Vision: We want tocreate a community where students and startups come together to learn,innovate, and grow. We envision a future where students can gain practicalskills and insights into how startups operate, preparing them for successfulcareers.


Our Mission: Our mission isto empower students by providing them with practical experience in working withstartups. We aim to connect students with startups, offering projects invarious areas like digital marketing, web design, research, and more. Throughthese collaborations, students can learn and develop essential skills.


Objective: The StartupClub's objectives are to empower students with hands-on startup experience,bridge the gap between students and startups, enhance students' skillsets,promote innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, conduct industry-specificsurveys, and help startups create strong brand values. By achieving thesegoals, the club aims to foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem thatbenefits both students and startups, paving the way for a more innovative anddynamic future.










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Instagram id – Startupclub_abc