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About Prashnottare: Quizzing Club

"No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the bestand safest treasure to acquire."

With an aim to instill the quench of knowledge and ace the art of quizzing in the students, Prashnottare: The Quiz Club of Aryabhatta College was founded in the early part of the year2021. Year 2021-22 thereby, became the first full fledged functional year for the club. The club started its operations by designing a formal organizational structure and distributing the responsibilities within the members of the club. For this, 3 separate departments were framed- Content & Knowledge Research, Design & Tech, and Marketing & PR. Each department was given its exclusive head. The brand new Core Committee also initiated the process of framing the 'Prashnottare Charter' - a document enlisting all the process and guidelines to be followed for smooth functioning of the club. The club president lead the drafting process for this. The Charter was unanimously adopted by all the members of the club. The club looks forward to expanding its base wider and maker more members from across the courses.