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About Nibs and Brushes: A Creative Writing and Fine Arts Society

Nibs and Brushes’, a creative writing and fine arts society of Aryabhatta College, is dedicated to advancing human creativity in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world. We believe creativity is the true catalyst for social and economic change and the most essential skill for success in today’s society.

Our Mission
To inspire and nurture the human soul – one artwork at a time.
Through the transformative power of the arts, our society serves as a window to an ever-changing and diverse world, providing the knowledge to our members so they can engage in society as both artists and citizens. Our focus is on the development of the individual student, so each might find meaning and fulfillment as an artist.

Create an artistic community of practice.
Expose others to the creative process.
Engage in inter-college collaboration.

Our Vision
Building community through the arts where artists of all backgrounds have an opportunity to freely express themselves and also have an opportunity to network with like-minded people. Nibs and Brushes is dedicated to providing a nurturing and encouraging environment for artists at all levels of their creative journey as well as encourage participation in the arts through education, collaborations and competitions.

Our Values

● To provide a sense of community to the artists in our society and make each and every one heard and seen.
● We recognize the creative potential in everyone and we believe that no matter where the person is in their artistic journey, she/he deserves a platform to express themselves.
● We believe that the creative process fosters self-discovery and expression, providing a powerful means for learning and communication.
● We believe that the full expression of creativity results in productive and successful students who make meaningful contributions to society.
● We respect the diversity of perspectives and art mediums that students bring to the pursuit and achievement of our mission.
● We are committed to making different techniques and medium accessible to all our artists.

Our Goals
● Develop a creative community of artists.
● Connect artists with opportunities for exhibitions, commissions and collaborations.
● Seek opportunities to promote local artists as creators and collaborators.
● Support new and emerging artists in our college.
● Offer lectures, exhibition spaces and performances that inform, inspire and start conversations.
● Convene gatherings of artists and arts supporters.
● Participate in relevant local and regional initiatives.
● Develop a comprehensive fundraising plan.