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About Dance Society

Dancing is the expression of inner feelings through bodily movements and if you are also expressing yourself with your heart and soul then it creates magic and gives power to the inner self. We at the Aryabhatta College Dance Society (Wavetrix and Laasya), believe in doing just that. Society thrives to engage all the dancers in training based on new techniques and encourages them to strive for excellence as well as enjoy the art.We also believe that this language of heart, body and soul helps to inspire the students to increase their emotional, physical and intellectual well-being.

The society amalgamates major western dance styles such as hip hop, Bollywood, jazz, contemporary, waacking etc. It builds on each style and fuses them into western dance productions. All the members are encouraged and given an opportunity to develop as solo performers as well. Along with this the society also includes classical dancers who excel in Kathak, Bharatnatyam etc.

The society aims to achieve excellence in performances conducted both inside and outside of college through intensive practice which is rigorous and is also extremely rewarding. Dance as art helps to build up the persona of the individual. We believe that executing complex movements provides development of the brain and helps to enhance focus, increase mobility, practice overcoming challenges, and greater ability to express emotion. Dance also helps develop rhythm, coordination and music appreciation. Our primary objective is to strengthen self-esteem while helping develop talent in dancers.

With the pandemic, last session, the premises of the dance society turned online. Google meet was our new dance studio. We organized online 'meet and greets' and practice sessions. With the absence of physical touch, the learning process changed drastically. Teaching choreographies via screens was a bit of an obstacle so we took the help of you tube tutorials to facilitate better learning. When the lockdown eased, we held an offline orientation as well. The students were looking forward to more offline sessions but alas, that wasn't possible because of the second wave. But we continued participating in online dance events. The core members of the society even helped out as student coordinators for many competitions. In the upcoming years, we aim for inclusivity of every kind. With the Wavetrix family growing in number, we now have dancers with different fortes. The Dance Society has started its wing of classical dance form, which is named as Laasya. We would use this diversity as our strength in our annual production and try to bring out new colours on stage with different dance forms. As far as the practices are concerned, we would have regular dance rehearsals so that new members of the society can learn the choreographies. We are even planning on attending various dance workshops to get a better perspective on trends.

We believe that a dancer shines on stage when they use the art form to express their individuality. Hence, we strive to grow together and bring out the best in every dancer so they can outshine their past selves when they get on the stage next time.



Mishthi Bajaj President BA (Hons.) Economics, III year
Aishwarya Gupta Vice - President BA (Hons.) English, III year
Falguni Sharma Co-Head, Laasya BA (Hons.) Psychology, II year
Niharika Chakravarty Co-Head, Laasya BA (Hons.) Psychology, II year
Riya Kashyap Content Head, Wavetrix BCom (Hons.), II year
Pragya Dewan Content Head, Wavetrix BA (Hons.) Psychology, III year
Jishant Social Media Head, Wavetrix BA (Hons.) Hindi, II year
Gayathri Vemuri Social Media Head, Laasya BA (Hons.) Economics, III year
Aditi Aggarwal Discipline Incharge, Wavetrix BSc (Hons.) Mathematics, II year
Sneha Kumar PR Head, Wavetrix BA (Hons.) Political Science, II year